Biophysics of Morphogenesis Laboratory

Group leader
Jérôme Solon
+34 946 015 134

Biofisika Institute (CSIC-UPV/EHU)
Basque Excellence Research Center
Science Park of the UPV/EHU
Barrio Sarriena s/n. 48940 Leioa, Bizkaia (Spain)

Research goal

Our group is interested in understanding the mechanisms at the origin of force generation, coordination and regulation in biological tissues during animal development. Our group uses an interdisciplinary approach, combining expertise in Drosophila genetics and molecular biology with high-resolution live imaging, biophysical analysis and modelling, with the aim of building a quantitative description of the mechano-chemical properties of the morphogenetic processes occurring during Drosophila Melanogaster embryogenesis.

Group members
Postdoctoral Fellow
Postdoctoral Fellow
PhD Student
Postdoctoral Fellow
Distinguished University Researcher / Ikerbasque Research Professor
PhD Student

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