Instituto Biofisika awarded with the ASPIRA-MaX Josefa Barba seal of excellence

The Instituto Biofisika (IBF) has successfully completed the initial phase of the MaX-CSIC project, an initiative aimed at fostering scientific excellence within this institution. As a result of these efforts, IBF has been awarded with the "ASPIRA-MaX Josefa Barba" seal of excellence.

The Max-CSIC Josefa Barba project is part of the ASPIRA-MaX CSIC initiative by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), designed to promote scientific excellence. The process includes a self-assessment and evaluation by which research institutes can identify and enhance their scientific strengths. Institutes that meet the criteria receive financial aid and the ASPIRA-MaX Josefa Barba seal of excellence to support further scientific project development. This project also honors notable scientists like Josefa Barba, recognized for her contributions to neuroscience and learning processes.