Diego Guérin

University Lecturer
Short bio

Dr. Diego Guérin received a PhD in Physics from the Universidad Nacional de la Plata, Argentina (1985). Diego was a postdoctoral fellow at Purdue University with M. Rossmann (1986-1987), and Pasteur Institute in Paris with Dr. M. Girard and Dr. R. Poljak. Diego held permanent positions in Argentina, at the Research and Technological National Council (CONICET), and as a Professor at the Universidad Nacional del Sur (UNS), in Bahía Blanca. Since 2003 Diego has been at the Insituto Biofisika to perform protein crystallography. His research interests: Structure of ssRNA viruses; Virus-like particles (VLPs) as a platform for chimeric-VPL vaccines; Classical and Quantum modeling of membrane proteins and viral capsids. Diego is a member of the Dicistroviridae and Iflaviridae Study Group at the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (www.ictvonline.org). Diego also leads an international network to develop vaccines against neglected tropical diseases (http://www.redvlp.org).