Asier Larrea-Sebal

PhD Student
+34 946 012 625 ext. 3356


Biophysics and Biochemistry of Macromolecular Interactions Laboratory

Dpto. Bioquímica y Biología Molecular. Facultad de Ciencia y Tecnología (UPV/EHU)
Barrio Sarriena s/n. 48940 Leioa, Bizkaia (Spain)

Short bio

Asier Larrea is a PhD student funded by a predoctoral grant from the Basque Government in the “Biophysics and biochemistry of macromolecular interactions” research group. His research focuses on Hypercholesterolemia. He received his Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU), a Master of Biomedicine and Molecular Biology at the UPV/EHU and University Cantabria.